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Adios, America by Ann Coulter Key Takeaways, Analysis & Review

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  • Release Date: 2015-06-30
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Adios, America by Ann Coulter | Key Takeaways, Analysis & Review
Adios, America by Ann Coulter is a book centered around immigration in the United States, including the impact immigration has had on US history, government policies, and society in general.
Modern policies regarding immigration tends to lean in favor of the immigrant. This possibly comes from the fact that Hispanic immigrants often vote heavily in favor of Democrats, therefore Democrats have established policy that makes it easier for illegal immigrants to remain in the country. One of these policies allows for immigrant families to remain in the US if their child or children were born in the country. These children are referred to as anchor babies. Another is amnesty, a policy that pardons individuals for breaking immigration laws under certain circumstances.
However, the impact of immigration on US society is not always beneficial. Many immigrants take advantage of welfare and federal assistance programs to support their families…
PLEASE NOTE: This is key takeaways and analysis of the book and NOT the original book. 
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  • Kept to the point short an sweet

    By Levi613
    Not once did I lose interest here, I've been interested in this book for a long time but never had the time or the chance to get it. But since reading this I've gone to go an check the original an I was blown out of the water per say. I couldn't believe how close the author got to the original an even kept the same tone an feel through the whole thing even for a summarization.
  • This book is a must one,who really want read awesome political eBooks

    By Bhuiyan25
    I appreciate the tactical analysis from Instaread. This book is a review and analysis for ann coulter's "Adios America" How political factor effects in our future and what we needs to do. Current US polices and it's discriminations. Immigration system analysis in a short time. Great to have this types of eBooks.
  • Mutual dependence

    By Daniel Berenguer
    Very informative about this hot and current theme, with this book I had the description of how the immigrants affect the economy, especially in the south of our country, besides the relation love-hate that we have with them and our mutual dependence that we do not want to recognize.
  • It summarizes really well the immigration policies

    By SaveYourVote
    I didn't knew that the laws for immigration was so different in democrat government policies, and why they do that. It had to be the vote of the hispanics. The review really makes it clear the immigration policies and summarizes them all
  • Excellent analysis, to have a good future we have to take care of the present

    By Melani Bossio
    Very good book, it is amazing how political interests can shape the country in his favor regardless of anything else. Some say it is just and others not, but the fact is that the policy has great influence and is affecting the future. Very good analysis, makes it very important approaches to the background of everything, and the root of the problems