The Reverse of Perfection - Christi Barth

The Reverse of Perfection

By Christi Barth

  • Release Date: 2016-05-17
  • Genre: Contemporary


Dylan Royce, ex-teen pop star, needs a sexy image makeover. His first adult solo album came out under his perfect, white-washed persona and tanked. Joining a band equally famous for their music and their between-the-sheets escapades is only the start. He needs to get raunchy. Sleep with a different girl every night. But there's only one woman he wants, and she still sees him as a goody two-shoes boy-bander. 

Ariel Watson is the publicist in charge of turning Dylan into the sex-god every woman dreams of doing. Frankly, she doesn't see the appeal. Until one hot kiss changes her mind. Now she wants to keep him for herself--without losing her job. Or losing Dylan the legions of drooling fans she's supposed to be building for him. 

Turning bad got Dylan the woman of his dreams. But how will he choose between her...or his career catapulting him back to superstar status?


  • Rocking Good Book!

    By Amy - So Many Reads
    The second book in the Bad Decisions Series, The Reverse of Perfection by Christi Barth is a wonderfully entertaining novella that packs a lot into such a short book. Two people are teetering on the edge of failure in their professional lives, but are also finding love in the process. We read about jealousy, passion, betrayal and a host of other emotions in The Reverse of Perfection. I enjoyed watching the dynamics between Dylan and Ariel and being taken behind the scenes with more rock stars! While sometimes things seemed to move quickly, I had to remind myself that this is a novella, so the build up in a relationship is much quicker than that of a full length novel. Barth did an excellent job giving the two of these characters depth and the plot overall was interesting to me. It’s not one I have read about before. The chemistry between the two was tangible, as was their passion, which lead to some hot scenes. What I adored the most about these two was the respect for one another which was so palpable you couldn’t help but root for Dylan and Ariel for a happy ever after! If you haven’t read the first book in the series, The Opposite of Right, you can still read the second one without missing a beat, as the main characters are new. I did enjoy the appearances by characters we meet in the first one, specifically Cam. After reading this one you will want to go back and learn all about Riptide! The Reverse of Perfection is a fabulous book that will take you away from reality, plunge you into the world of rock stars and sweep you off your feet with romance. I highly recommend you give it a read!