Chinese Grammar Wiki BOOK: Elementary - John Pasden

Chinese Grammar Wiki BOOK: Elementary

By John Pasden

  • Release Date: 2016-03-30
  • Genre: Foreign Languages


The Chinese Grammar Wiki began in 2012 as a modest website with a bold vision: to record all of the grammar structures in the Chinese language, categorize them by difficulty level, explain each one in clear, jargon-free English, and link them all together. Initially the wiki was a resource exclusively for the clients of AllSet Learning’s Shanghai-based learning consultancy. But five years later, its popularity among learners has exploded, and the Chinese Grammar Wiki has become the #1 online resource for Chinese grammar among independent learners and college students alike. 
This book is the first of several volumes that, together, will comprise the most complete single resource on Chinese grammar in print. This volume features: 
- 40 A1 (Beginner) grammar points 
- 95 A2 (Elementary) grammar points 
- 245 separate grammar structures 
- 1,700+ examples (with pinyin and English translation) 
- Extensive interlinking of similar grammar points 
- Bilingual glossary of grammar terms 
- Learner-centric design