The Fast Track to Your Extra Class Ham Radio License - Michael Burnette, AF7KB

The Fast Track to Your Extra Class Ham Radio License

By Michael Burnette, AF7KB

  • Release Date: 2018-02-17
  • Genre: Study Aids


Everything you need to pass your Amateur Extra Class exam.

Rave reviews for The Fast Track Ham Radio License programs:

"This is a great book. So many of the study guides are just question dumps and it's a horrible way to learn, at least for me. I need an explanation and something to keep my interest and Mr. Burnette's book fit the bill perfectly. I echo all the sentiments of the other reviewers, the author is a top notch communicator."

"Michael Burnette's ham radio exam prep book is the most useful and comprehensive book that I have found on this subject and makes getting ready for this exam not only easy, but fun. I have learned so much since studying this guide and feel ready to take this exam at a moment's notice. The guide has a wealth of information, not only on the questions and answers, but on the exam itself that is sure to put any test taker's mind at ease."

"The Audible copy was GREAT because Michael Burnette is an exciting and entertaining and memorable guide!"

"Thank you! Thank you a thousand times over. I bought your book in order to study for my tech license(Kindle version) and the audiobook and I loved them! I originally bought ** *****'s CD's and they confused me. I bought yours and it made learning simple and enjoyable."

"Using these books and audio are like studying with a buddy. Michael is a great teacher that makes learning the material easy and fun. The ONLY way to study for your test. "

Memorizing answers is hard -- and boring. Learning is easy! If you've made the decision to open up your ham radio world by going for the Extra Class License, great!

The latest edition of the Extra class exam is certainly challenging. The question bank includes 713 questions, some 28% of which are new since the last revision. The Fast Track to Your Extra Class Ham Radio License explains the reasoning and technology behind each correct answer on the exam so you'll understand and remember the subject matter.

To get your Extra Class license you must pass a multiple-choice test. The Extra license test consists of 50 questions drawn from a pool of 713. Memorizing the answers to 713 disconnected questions is difficult, but The Fast Track makes getting your upgrade easier by explaining the logic behind each correct answer. It's simple: When you understand the material, and you have a context for the material, you remember the answers and pass the test. We might even have a little fun along the way. (This may be the only amateur radio book to teach an astronomical concept with a nacho cheese analogy.)

- Includes every possible question and every answer
- Correct answers clearly marked in bold
- Precise instructions for how to locate a testing session, how to prepare, and even what to bring -- and what not to bring -- to the test.
- All technical topics explained in clear, plain language. The e-book edition includes over 200 illustrations.
- Step by step instructions to solve all the math problems
- Test taking strategies
- Hints to easily solve many questions and avoid the traps in the test
- Written in "learning order", not just the order of the official question bank.
- Chapter summaries drive home the exam-conquering points to remember from each chapter.
- Covers all questions that will be used until June 30, 2020.


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