Thresholds of the Grand Dream - Alex Scott

Thresholds of the Grand Dream

By Alex Scott

  • Release Date: 2018-03-15
  • Genre: Fiction


Whenever the kids at Sonia Obata's new school fall asleep, they all go to a place called the Grand Dream. There, they can do whatever they want—play a game, write a song, or paint a masterpiece—without a single adult to bother them. But when Sonia discovers something has tampered with her memories of this place, she realizes it's not the paradise it seems to be.

A mysterious girl helps Sonia escape and reveals the terrible truth: the Grand Dream is on the verge of collapse! To stop it, she gives Sonia the Baku's Fang, an amulet that enables her to travel into other dreams. To save her new friends, she must search through the dream world, fight terrifying nightmares, and confront the traumas of her own past. The Grand Dream won't let anyone go without a fight.