Questology - Thomas Vato


By Thomas Vato

  • Release Date: 2018-09-03
  • Genre: Business & Personal Finance


To question is to think. Thoughts and ideas lead to many break taking discoveries, inventions or conclusions to enrich society in general and individual in particular. To increase the number of small achievements, thinking is often the locomotive heading towards innovation and novelty. Thinking is hazy, questions are more practical. To think is to question. It refines problem-solving ability, accelerates decision making speed, and promotes the leadership of the question. Because the brilliant mind is a better leader than a person who looks brilliant.
Why do you need questology? Look at the evolution of history posing us a delightful symphony. The world has witnessed Renaissance of Culture - in the Mondial history it is a shining sculpture. The Age of Exploration did cause a mighty transformation. Equally, the Century of Lights has built the bridge for Human Rights. Then, the Industrial Revolution has been bringing a positive solution. And in the Age of Wars many empires have lost their scores. Eventually, in times of information and technology here comes questology - the champion of logic, inquisitiveness and expansive thinking.
A target of the profession in this book is not a fundamental question. Today, the air of innovation and constructive thinking become a new progressive thing. No matter if you are pensive, active or creative - questology is a good incentive.
You might be a leader, whose thoughts and actions will inspire your reader; or a bold entrepreneur making complicated things clear; why not a writer who wishes to transform your verbal skills into something lighter? For you as an executive who wants to be the most competitive. If you are a designer, it will assist you to make your craft finer. Also, for the creative or a thinker to stop living in the winter, and for a scientist to discover what do not exist. For a member of society who might have been living quietly. The name of questologist - a novel walk of life which has started to exist.
You need answers but you cannot have them if you hesitate to begin with questions. Questions beat any hesitation because they are initiative naturally. Questions bring clarity to overthinking, and expansive approach to entrenched mind. The question brings the answer to make the mind a prolific dancer. To question or not to question - that is the question.