A Study in Scarlet - Arthur Conan Doyle

A Study in Scarlet

By Arthur Conan Doyle

  • Release Date: 1930-01-01
  • Genre: Action & Adventure
Score: 4.5
From 2,562 Ratings


A Study in Scarlet is a detective mystery novel written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, introducing his new character of Sherlock Holmes, who later became one of the most famous literary detective characters. He wrote the story in 1886, and it was published the next year.


  • A must read

    By Whatthehades
    It was really interesting to be inside the mind of Sherlock Holmes and watch as Watson and him got closer. I loved following along with the case and learning about the art of deduction.
  • An amazing read

    By MiaLia457
    It was really exciting to follow along with the investigation, and to be in the mind of Sherlock Holmes. Watching a show or movie just isnt the same as the books. Although some words i didnt understand, i would definitly read this book again.
  • Excellent!

    By Drinaldi
    I loved this book from cover to cover. Great story! Can't wait to read the rest of the Sherlock Holmes series.
  • Holmes meets Watson

    By Ninja engineer
    The first meeting of these two amazing men begins the most amazing famous duos.
  • A Study in Scarlet

    By Jherbert827
    I am positive I had previously read all of the Holmes stories; however, I was glad to reconnect with the duo at their beginning. The chance circumstances that threw them together, I had forgotten. I had also forgotten the Mormon component of the story. When Doyle wrote this it was not too long removed a time from the Mormon trek, and stories of the development of the settlement in Utah must have been of interest. Indeed, even at this further removed time (2014), similar stories, like that of Warren Jeffs, for example, are of interest and are circulated. I don't feel that Doyle had quite hit his stride with Holmes yet. This story seems to have more backstory than do many later ones. After all, Holmes is the one we want to read about. A "Gripping Yarn" none the less. Joseph Herbert
  • A Study in Scarlet

    By Abdullaah Chogle
    Its amazing i very much recommend it to everyone its truly amazing
  • Read this first

    By JoyJoyJoyJoy3333
    This story lays out all the background. I loved it.
  • Thought I was reading Sherlock Holmes

    By Neb azepup
    Excellent first half of the book, and easy enough to read (: Second half was about Mormons so I skipped that. Those two stories should be separated though since I wasted 15 minutes reading and being confused by part two.
  • A Study in Scarlet

    By rico1lynn
    One of the most interesting books I've read!
  • A Study In Scarlet Review

    By Mr. Man Guy
    A Study In Scarlet, is a Mystery Thriller by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, and is the first of the Sherlock Holmes stories. It's about Dr. John Watson, a medical officer, working in the second Afghanistan war. After an injury, Watson has to leave the war, and goes to London. When he gets to London, he meets up with an old friend named Stamford who introduces Watson with Sherlock Holmes in a laboratory after Watson tells Stamford that he is looking for a new place to live, and Stamford saying that Holmes needs a roommate. The two then start living together, and it is quite pleasant for the two. After Holmes tells Watson about the Science of Deduction, that he is a "consulting" detective, and that there hasn't been a good case lately, a case from Gregson (a detective from the Scotland Yard) about a murder comes by the two. When Holmes and Watson get to the crime scene, see a deadman who hasn't been robbed, footprints in the yard, cab prints and the word RACHE(which is German for revenge). Also, a woman's ring fall off the body when the body is lifted. The body you find out is a man named Enoch Drebber. Drebber was a person who was from Cleveland, Ohio and had a secretary by the name of Joseph Stangerson. Days after these events, Waston watches Holmes putting the pieces of the mystery together. Holmes also told Watson that by using the science of deduction, he found the age, height and complexion of the murderer. But later, Lestrade (another detective from Scotland Yard) tells Holmes and Watson that Joseph Stangerson has been killed, but by a different way than Drebber. Now, if I tell you any more of this story, I would be spoiling a lot. The first Sherlock Holmes novel, (to me at least) is a very entertaining read. The mystery itself is very intriguing and pulls you in from the start. The scene where Watson and Sherlock talk to each other about the science of deduction is memorable. And it does give us a good view of what is to come in the later books. But, even though is great and entertaining, it's not without its flaws. While Watson's character is explored this novel, none of the other recurring character's personality is delved into. If you just read this, you would probably think Sherlock is just a really smart and energetic person, or you wouldn't know how Gregson and Lestrade would react to something Sherlock says. Also, starting in the last chapter of Part 1, the writing can be weak, and kinda weird. The murderer of Drebber and Stangerson just comes of no where. And when I say "comes out of no where", I really mean it, because the killer isn't referenced or mentioned at all before Sherlock figures out who the killer is. But, the real problem, that many people critique, including I, is that (SPOILER ALERT, SPOILER ALERT) Sir Arthur Conan Doyle doesn't depict Mormons in a good or even realistic way, and that most of Part 2 catches you off guard( not in a good way). Most of Part 2 is about the events leading up to the murder. Now, that is fine, in fact, if most murder mysteries talked about the events leading up to the murder or crime, then I would be pleased. But when the backstory is about badly depicted Mormons, completely unrelated details and the story of a Western film, in a Sherlock Holmes story, well, it's okay, I guess. But when it's a little less than half the text in the story, it kinda makes the book seem like two novels stuck together and a forced ending in one of the two stories to connect the two together. But, even though the killer is a Deus X Machina, and Mormons are depicted horribly, I would still give this book a read, and in my personal opinion, fondly enjoyed. When I read this, it gives me pleasure, and while the ending is a Deus X Machina, the actual mystery is pretty legit and very interesting. And, it must of been good seeing how it spawned a new major franchise that,nowadays, appears in books, movies, T.V. and more! Overall, I would say go check it out. In fact, check this and other Sherlock Holmes stories. It's a very entertaining and interesting read, but try to skip, the parts about the American West and Mormons.