The End of Molasses Classes - Ron Clark

The End of Molasses Classes

By Ron Clark

  • Release Date: 2011-07-26
  • Genre: Education
Score: 4.5
From 78 Ratings


New York Times bestselling author and educator Ron Clark challenges parents, teachers, and communities everywhere embrace a difference in the classroom and uplift, educate, and empower our children.

Read this book to find out why so many across the country have embraced these powerful rules.

· Set the electric tone on day one
· Teach your children how to study—don’t expect it to come naturally
· Don’t constantly stress about test scores
· Not every child deserves a cookie
· Lift up your teachers. No, really, lift them up!
· If kids like you all the time, you’re doing something wrong
· Don’t be a penny parent

Be different. Be bold. Join in.


  • Teacher and Learner

    By Ms. Hague
    Ron Clark's words are very inspirational and leave you thinking how you can change the life of a student. We often forget the time, effort, and work that goes into changing the lives of students. It takes more than the just one person, it truly takes a village! In Mr. Clark's case, it takes a family (teachers, students, parents, community) all working together. Great job RCA! I cannot wait to visit!
  • Fantastically practical

    By JasmineTaiwo
    This book was a quick read and very timely. It inspired me to think big.
  • A must-read for anyone passionate about education

    By Uhladky
    This book blew me away! I've been a fan of Ron Clark for years, so I knew this boom would not be a disappointment. It has inspired me to keep doing my best with each lesson plan and to not let others kill my passion. Yes, there are some suggestions and techniques that I personally cannot implement in my classroom or school, but I can take the vision of a better teaching environment and do something about it! For those teachers who want to accomplish morel their classrooms, read this book. For those parents who want their kids to be excited about learning, read this book and then tell your child's teacher to read it! Spread the word about how to end molasses classes!
  • Inspiring

    By dsm25
    I have tears streaming down my face, and I've only just read the introduction!
  • The End of Molasses Classes

    By Lmoyer
    This is a must read for anyone wanting a change to the education system in this country. Ron Clark, Kim Bearden, the staff of RCA, and of course the students are changing the educations system and the world. This book will make you laugh and cry and if you are anything like me, you will shout out saying "amen brother!". Mr. Clark is brilliant and as you read this book you become part of his world. You will leave this book wanting more and unable to lay it down. Please purchase and read this book...not only will you gain some valuable advice but you will be helping these teachers of RCA make a difference in these student's lives and in turn make our world's future brighter.
  • Teacher

    By Ms. U
    This book is very inspiring. It's a book that would refresh every teacher struggling or even looking for another breath of fresh air. Great book Ron Clark!