The Government Class Book - Andrew W. Young

The Government Class Book

By Andrew W. Young

  • Release Date: 1877-01-01
  • Genre: Politics & Current Events


There is probably none to deny that the study of the principles of political science is a necessary part of a liberal education. But in a country where the people govern themselves we believe it is more than this: it is a necessary part of a common-school education. In the United States there is the strongest reason for this, for here not only do high and low alike elect their own lawmakers and rulers, but they also establish their own constitutions and determine even the fundamental principles upon which they shall be governed. The danger of entrusting such power to the ignorant has not failed of illustration here, and lately. But having universal suffrage for good or evil there is but one resource, to teach the people how to govern themselves. Noris a knowledge of the principles of legal science less necessary to every person. The laws of man know as little of mercy as the laws of nature, in that they never admit ignorance as an excuse for wrong. It is a proof of the essential justice of our system of jurisprudence, that so many pass safely through life, totally ignorant of the law, and relying merely upon their own sense of what should be. And yet every day gives proof that ignorance is always dangerous. The study of such a wrork will not make a youth a lawyer, but it will fix in his mind a system oi broad principles, which cannot fail to be useful practically.